• 28 MAR 14

    What’s an empty calorie?

    Many of us have heard that weight loss and maintenance is about a balance between calories in (those we eat) and calories out (those we burn by being active). So when we hear the term empty calorie, we may wonder what exactly does that mean? Empty Calories are calories from solid fats and added sugars in

    • 19 MAR 14

    Family Night Fish Tacos

    I am always looking for new ways to incorporate healthy and easy fish meals. Plus who doesn’t enjoy making a taco?! On a busy night this is the ultimate fast food dinner– because it’s fast and easy to make. Use whole grain tortillas for a well rounded meal!              

    • 10 MAR 14

    Does Your Plate Need a Taste Lift?

    While social, emotional and health factors play a role in the foods people choose to eat, the foods we most commonly eat are often those we enjoy the most. As we celebrate National Nutrition Month 2014® along with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we encourage you to make taste a priority when preparing nutritious

    • 07 MAR 14

    Sugar Guidelines?

    On March 5, 2014 the World Health Organization released their proposed guidelines for sugar consumption. Their reasoning behind the recommendations is to reduce public health problems like obesity and dental caries (commonly referred to as tooth decay). The new draft guideline proposes that sugars should be less than 10% of total energy intake per day.