• 28 AUG 14

    Stay on Track This Labor Day

    Labor Day weekend the unofficial end of summer and an extra day to celebrate. Many of us want to enjoy this time, but celebrations like this often come with tons of unhealthy food and lots of drinks. But you don’t have to let a holiday weekend throw you off track! Yes, this weekend many of

    • 20 AUG 14

    Exercise and Avoiding Injury

    Let’s face it being physically active comes with the possibility of injury.  But this shouldn’t stop you from being active as the risks associated with eliminating physical activity all together are much more sever.  While accidents happen, many injuries are preventable. So whether you are an exercise beginner or a confident fitness fanatic you need

    • 14 AUG 14

    Rewind the Future

     Although to some this video may seem harsh, it does highlight how the habits we form can impact our future. Do you have some not so healthy habits? Most of us do, but realizing and admitting it to ourselves is the first step to change. And when you’re ready to take the challenge to a

    • 04 AUG 14

    Stop Emotional Eating

    For many of us emotions – like boredom, sadness, loneliness or even happiness - play a large role in our food cravings and habits. In fact, as much as 75% of overeating may be attributed to our emotions. Taking a moment to pause and consider what’s really behind your desire for comfort foods and empty calories could be a good way