• 28 OCT 14

    30-min Exercises Everyone Can Do

    Exercise helps you stay within a healthy weight range, supports brain function, promotes healthier sleep patterns, combats depression and anxiety, and decreases risk for disease. It also boosts overall energy levels leading to increased productivity, which means you actually get more done when you make time to exercise. This is a bonus during the holiday

    • 23 OCT 14

    Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food

    Food plays a very important role in our lives and our relationship with food can be, well complex. Food not only nourishes our bodies, it also at times elicits deep emotions - like guilt, shame or even love. Rebuilding a healthy balance between food and our emotions can seem overwhelming at times. But it doesn’t have to be, try following registered dietitian Katie Cavuto’s suggestions.

    • 17 OCT 14

    Happy and Healthy Holidays – Part 1 Halloween

    The air is a little cooler and the candy isle is again filled with tons of spooky treats, which means it is almost Halloween! For many this is a season to look forward to. However, if you are trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, this time of year may be less than

    • 09 OCT 14

    Dealing with Slips

    When it comes to making lifestyle changes, slipping – or not following your plans – is bound to happen. However, it is important to remember that slips are a normal part of making changes. Just like it is normal for a baby learning to walk to fall from time to time, anyone that sets out