• 30 DEC 14


    It is almost the new year and many of us are starting to feel the pressure of listing their resolutions for making change. Yet in the back of our minds we see year after year of good intentions not quite make it to reality. In fact, it is estimated the only around 40% of us

    • 16 DEC 14

    Should You “Diet”?

    As we get closer and closer to the New Year many of us are starting to consider our New Year’s Resolutions. Undoubtedly, many of us will choose a weight related resolution. However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe as we continue to set the same resolutions year after year that our ideas about

    • 16 DEC 14

    Reviewing Portions

    We are all aware that the holiday season means somewhere, at some time there will be plenty of food that we are going to eat. Some of us will fully enjoy every bite, only to feel guilty that we did later. Others will avoid it all like the plague, to later feel denied and missing

    • 10 DEC 14

    Avoiding STRESS Eating

    Are you a stress eater?  Do you find yourself eating when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, lonely or any other not-so-good emotion? The temporarily distraction of food can take our mind off of these feelings, if only for a moment. However, stress eating can wreck your good intentions and lead to guilt or more even