MISSION:  To reduce chronic diseases and their complications through obesity prevention.

PURPOSE: To provide science-based information in a convenient and supportive format to aid individuals in reaching their healthiest weight through adopting healthier lifestyles, which has been shown to reduce and prevent chronic disease.

Get Into Fitness Today (GIFT), developed by Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County, utilizes science-based information to reduce chronic diseases through obesity prevention.  GIFT was developed by licensed medical professionals including registered dietitians, health educators and registered nurses.  GIFT materials are based on several theories including stages of change and social support.  We encourage participants to receive support from friends, family and co-workers.  The GIFT blog is a great opportunity to connect with others who are using GIFT.

Completing forms and activity/food/water logs is critical to success. Keeping a log of what you eat and drink and your activity is a key part in managing calories and keeping you on the road to meeting goals.

The Florida Department of Health is committed to protecting, promoting, and improving health.