Ana’s Testimonial

For my 45th birthday, my son wanted to buy me a dress. We went shopping and I loved the clothes and style in every store we entered, but they did not have plus sizes or the style did not fit me or look good and it was depressing. When we finally found a dress my size, my son was upset and hurt my feelings by telling me that I was fat, but that he loved me. He said he wanted his children to see their grandma and enjoy her as much as they could, knowing my husband had passed at age 50 because he did not take care of his health, was diabetic and overweight.

My son did the unthinkable. He went back to one of the stores that we had been to. I loved a dress that was size 14. My son bought the dress and stated by the end of the year, “you will use this dress. This will be your inspiration.” I felt terrible, but I kept the dress in my closet and forgot about it. Some time passed, I was in the office one day and a co-worker told me about starting the GIFT program in our office, so I accepted the challenge.

The GIFT program has been an eye opener as well as a teaching tool. I learned in five simple classes enough to empower me and give me the knowledge on how to count my calories and how to read labels. It takes me more time now in the supermarket but I make a list and I read the product labels entirely and I make better food choices. I share with my family and friends what I learn.

I now prepare better meals for my family. I eat more vegetables and fruits and I have smaller portions on my plates. I practice portion control, measure my food and cook healthy meals. I made big changes that really helped me lose weight and I feel healthier now than before. I was always tired and my knees always hurt when I was very heavy and I was always short of breath. Now I walk every day and I have the energy to confront challenges and I feel a lot better.

By the end of the year I went from a size 20w to a 14w and as I continued, I lost more inches and became a size 12. I haven’t felt this good in years. My self-esteem was very low before. Now, I feel great! The rewards are well worth it

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