• 21 DEC 16

    Food for Thought

    A wise physician once said that anything that can go between two pieces of bread can also go into a bowl.  Sandwiches are great, however, people tend to pile on the condiments and eat a ton of bread (which usually isn’t a whole grain).  This is not to say that bread and carbohydrates are bad,

    • 23 NOV 16

    Thanksgiving – Tips and Traditions

    Have you ever noticed that everyone has the “perfect” way to make Thanksgiving turkey? Some people use an oven bag and baste the turkey, others cover the bird in cheese cloth, some people grill their turkeys, others may use tin foil to lock in the juices, but have you ever heard…

    • 17 NOV 16

    Holiday Parties and Get-togethers

    It’s that time of year again– time for family and friends, get-togethers, and treating ourselves to foods we look forward to this time of year! Here are a few tips to have a great holiday season…

    • 22 OCT 15

    Tips for Healthful Holidays

    On average, an individual will gain an extra 2 lbs. during the holiday season. These tips can help you have a healthful holiday season. Don’t Gobble ‘til you Wobble…do the “Turkey Trot” Often times around the holidays we build our social events around eating. We sit and take in more food in one meal than we normally would. For