Diets are Out

No, this doesn’t mean we no longer need to worry about our weight – rather that there is a new and better way to lose weight. It seems more and more people are realizing a lifestyle change is needed to reach our leaner, healthier, happier selves. This is great news because focusing on specific diet plans or the latest fad diet to lose a few pounds is more likely lead to weight swings instead of weight loss. If you’re ready for a lifestyle change focus on two main ideas:

    1. Choose foods that have function in your life. Functional foods fall into one of three categories: fiber-containing carbohydrates (think brown rice, quinoa, or other whole grains), lean proteins (think chicken, beans or fish), or heart healthy fats (think nuts and seeds). Yes, there are foods that do not fit within these categories – these should be eaten in moderation.


  1. Eat Responsibly. This means to focus on your overall daily balance. Lunch of an entire bag of potato chips is undoubtedly irresponsible, but having a portion-sized serving along with salad for dinner would be a more responsible choice.

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