Food for Thought

Food for thought

A wise physician once said that anything that can go between two pieces of bread can also go into a bowl.  Sandwiches are great, however, people tend to pile on the condiments and eat a ton of bread (which usually isn’t a whole grain).  This is not to say that bread and carbohydrates are bad, but we tend to eat way too much of them.  Consider making these deconstructed sandwiches for a low calorie/low carb meal.

Tuna salad sandwich

Rethink the tuna salad sandwich!  Although tuna salad may sound healthy, the amount of mayonnaise that most people add can dramatically increase the fat and calorie count.  Consider taking a bowl of lettuce, add tuna (try getting tuna in the pouch or canned in water), add tomatoes, chopped up celery, pepper, and a vinaigrette dressing.  If you feel super daring- add a boiled egg!  Don’t be afraid to be creative and add new things.

Ham and cheese sandwich

Take the ham deli meat that you were going to put into that sandwich and cut it into 1”x1” squares.  Try using half the amount of ham you were going to put into the sandwich.  Now add the ham to a bowl of Italian-blend lettuce.  Next, add shredded cheddar cheese (or any cheese of your choice!) to the bowl.  Now comes the fun part!  Be bold, be wild!  Add tomatoes, fresh pepper, green olives, and/or avocado!  Have fun with it!

Turkey and Swiss sandwich

The twist to the turkey and Swiss is again the condiments in addition to the bread.  Again, use half the turkey you were going to put into the sandwich and cut it up into smaller pieces.  Cut the Swiss cheese into smaller pieces.  Add the turkey and cheese to a bowl full of lettuce.  Consider adding spinach or Spring greens to brighten up the salad.  Combine onions, celery, green pepper and olives.  If the previous combination doesn’t peak your interest, consider adding walnuts, fig, strawberries or blueberries!  These flavor combinations really make the salad and help you to feel fuller.  Finish the salad off with a raspberry vinaigrette and enjoy!

Have a favorite sandwich that’s not listed here? Share your deconstructed sandwich ideas below!


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