Welcome to GIFT! Pat yourself on the back for wanting to learn more about improving your health. This program uses proven information to help you get fit through getting to and staying at a healthy weight.

We hope you’ll share successes and struggles with other GIFT users. You may encourage someone to stay the course through your own achievements or receive encouragement yourself to stick to your plan. Enjoy getting healthier!

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  • Week 1

    Session 1

    Welcome and thank you for joining the GIFT online program. During the next 12 weeks, you will be provided with valuable information to help you achieve your goals to become a healthier individual through weight loss and healthy eating. This session will cover the objectives of the weekly lessons and a short pre-test to test your health knowledge. Journaling is an important component when you are embarking on a new journey. This week you will start a journal of your daily food intake and activities and your mood or feelings for each action. The benefit of journaling is it allows you to discuss feelings about your progress of success and accomplishments or about difficulties, concerns, and setbacks that you may not want to share with others. At the end of each week lesson, there will an optional reflection section that can be used to prompt your journaling.

  • Week 1


    Tracking what you eat is a vital step in staying healthy. This week will focus on tracking your food intake and activities. Tracking allows you to visually see all the meals, snacks, and drinks that you have consumed and how much moving you do daily. Understanding your eating and activity habits will provide you the opportunity to make adjustments to your amounts.

  • Week 2

    Plan for Success

    Living a healthy lifestyle is a step-by-step process. Changing eating habits and making healthier choices are essential to losing weight and becoming healthier. This week you will focus on how to plan for the steps you will make towards your healthy goals.

  • Week 3

    Portion Control

    Adopting a new healthy eating habit is an everyday process and requires control. This week will focus on portion control and understanding how to read labels to make healthier choices for meals and snacks. Portion control will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without overeating.

  • Week 4

    Carbs, Fats, Fiber & Fads

    Losing weight and being healthy is a process and takes time to adjust. Therefore, it is important to understand why following fad diets are not always the best choice for weight loss. This week will focus on how carbs, fats, and fiber plays an important role in eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Week 5

    Salt, Sodium, Herb and Spices

    People avoid eating healthy foods because of their often bland taste. This week will focus on information about salt, sodium, herbs, and spices and how to favor your meals without over-salting. This will be a good preparation as next week covers healthy shopping and meal planning.

  • Week 6

    Healthy Shopping and Meal Planning

    A very important part of adopting a healthier lifestyle is understanding how important grocery shopping and preparing meals will help you with staying on track. Grocery shopping can be very tricky. Week 3 discussed reading nutrition labels which have provided you with information on making healthier choices. This week will focus how to shop and prepare meals effectively.

  • Week 7

    Session 2

    Welcome to the second half of the GIFT online program. During the first 6 weeks, you learned about ways to eat healthier and making better choices by reading labels, shopping healthier, controlling portions and much more. For the next 6 weeks, you will be provided with information to help you improve your physical activity and other important information to help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle. This session will cover the objectives of the weekly lessons and a short pre-test to test your health knowledge.

  • Week 7

    Physical activity, Water intake, and Stress

    Increasing physical activity, water intake, and reducing stress can also improve your efforts. Don’t let stress wreck your progress to healthy living. This week will focus more about each and offer suggestions on how to make appropriate changes.

  • Week 8

    Flexibility, Strength and Exercise Intensity

    As you continue your process of adopting a healthier lifestyle, increasing your physical activity can be very beneficial. This week will focus on how increasing your intensity and adding different exercises to your new regimen will help you with shaping your new body.

  • Week 9

    Dining out and party time

    Everyone can take pleasure in spending time with family and friends especially while enjoying great food. However, when you are adopting healthier eating habits, eating out and going to social events or parties can be intimidating. This week will focus on suggestions of how to enjoy great company and food without ruining all you hard work

  • Week 10


    During this journey of working on your goals to weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle you have covered a lot of information. Although, you have gotten this far and worked so hard, your journey is not over just yet. This week will focus on maintenance. Maintenance is very important in helping you stay on track and not falling back to your old unhealthy habits. Maintenance is a life-long process that results in long-term success.

  • Week 11

    Heart disease and diabetes prevention

    Adopting a healthier lifestyle not only helps you loss weight but also, can help reduce or delay your chances of developing chronic health conditions. This will focus on heart disease and diabetes prevention. These health conditions are linked to unhealthy behaviors along with being overweight. Therefore, this week is very important as these health conditions can lead to other health problems.

  • Week 12

    Cancer, Oral health, and childhood obesity

    Now that you have reviewed information to help you with living healthier this week will focus on information about other health problems that you can prevent. You have learned so much about eating and being healthy, why not learn about how to protect the children in your family reduce their chances of obesity. Children who learn about healthy choices in childhood can increase their likelihood of being healthy adults and decrease their chances of weight and health issues in adulthood.