Mix It Up With Fruits and Veggies!

fruit-3408683_1920We’ve all heard some of the wonderful ways that fruits and vegetables can help us!

Fruits and veggies:
* are loaded with fiber – which makes us feel satisfied longer after eating (therefore reducing total calories!)
* reduce constipation and keep us regular
* are a great source of potassium – which helps lower our blood pressure
* may lower our risk of heart disease and stroke
* reduce our risk of getting certain cancers

Even knowing all the amazing benefits, it can be difficult for adults to get in the recommended amounts: 2-3 cups of vegetables per day, and 1.5-2 cups of fruit per day (see ChooseMyPlate.Gov).

One fun way to bump up our intake is to add in some different produce—something we don’t usually reach for at the store. The most commonly purchased vegetables in the U.S. are potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. Instead of opting for the usual choices, try putting brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, or asparagus into your shopping cart. Then, go online and look up some interesting new recipes!

The most popular fruits purchased are bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges. So the next time you are shopping, give kiwi, pomegranate, avocado or guava a try! Or maybe another exotic fruit will catch your eye? Browse some recipes to make a new fruit salad, or pull out your blender to make a simple but nutrition-packed smoothie!

What new fruits or vegetables would you like to add to your shopping list?

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