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Latest News

    • 04 JUN 15

    High-Fiber Foods Help You Slim Down

    Up your fiber and slimming down may be easier! Add chopped onions to spice up your eggs. Try oat bran in stead of oatmeal – it has 2 grams more of fiber. Add ground flax seed to soups and salads. Use almond butter. Toss chickpeas into soups, salads, and veggie dishes. Swap regular spuds for

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Talk It Out

    • 09 OCT 14

    Dealing with Slips

    When it comes to making lifestyle changes, slipping – or not following your plans – is bound to happen. However, it is important to remember that slips are a normal part of making changes. Just like it is normal for a baby learning to walk to fall from time to time, anyone that sets out

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    • 03 OCT 14

    It’s Pumpkin Season

                        Fall is officially here; which for many means its pumpkin season. From a nutrition stand point, pumpkin is a powerhouse of dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.  From the taste side, can I get a “yum!” Especially since most food items that have had a

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Featured Recipes

    • 23 NOV 16

    Thanksgiving – Tips and Traditions

    Have you ever noticed that everyone has the “perfect” way to make Thanksgiving turkey? Some people use an oven bag and baste the turkey, others cover the bird in cheese cloth, some people grill their turkeys, others may use tin foil to lock in the juices, but have you ever heard…

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