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Latest News

    • 20 NOV 14

    Looking for a Leg Workout?

    As the holidays approach we may need a little more motivation to keep moving, not to mention a few more extra minutes in the day. Why not switch things up a little and enjoy an outdoor leg workout? Read the Article Here

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    • 28 OCT 14

    30-min Exercises Everyone Can Do

    Exercise helps you stay within a healthy weight range, supports brain function, promotes healthier sleep patterns, combats depression and anxiety, and decreases risk for disease. It also boosts overall energy levels leading to increased productivity, which means you actually get more done when you make time to exercise. This is a bonus during the holiday

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Talk It Out

    • 14 AUG 14

    Rewind the Future

     Although to some this video may seem harsh, it does highlight how the habits we form can impact our future. Do you have some not so healthy habits? Most of us do, but realizing and admitting it to ourselves is the first step to change. And when you’re ready to take the challenge to a

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Featured Recipes

    • 23 NOV 16

    Thanksgiving – Tips and Traditions

    Have you ever noticed that everyone has the “perfect” way to make Thanksgiving turkey? Some people use an oven bag and baste the turkey, others cover the bird in cheese cloth, some people grill their turkeys, others may use tin foil to lock in the juices, but have you ever heard…

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