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    • 04 AUG 14

    Stop Emotional Eating

    For many of us emotions – like boredom, sadness, loneliness or even happiness - play a large role in our food cravings and habits. In fact, as much as 75% of overeating may be attributed to our emotions. Taking a moment to pause and consider what’s really behind your desire for comfort foods and empty calories could be a good way

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    • 01 AUG 14

    Cool as a Cucumber Soup

    When it’s hot, chilled soups are a great option for a healthy, refreshing lunch or as part of an easy dinner. Plus it’s a fantastic way to add a serving of vegetables or even fruit. Take full advantage of summer produce, herbs and flavors and try a batch of healthy cold soup. Need some more

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Talk It Out

    • 11 APR 14

    Tipping the Scale, in the right direction

    Many of us may know the basics of the weight equation – balance calories consumed and calories burned through being physically active in the direction we want our weight to go. Weight Loss = More Calories Burned than Consumed (or Less Calories Consumed than Burned) Weight Maintenance = Equal Calories Burned and Consumed Weight Gain

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    • 03 APR 14

    The Right Portion Size for the Right Body Size

    Does squeezing into your workout clothes feel like a workout in and of itself? Before give up all together or swear off eating everything but baby carrots, consider this: The culprit behind weight gain may not be what you’re eating, but how much. If, on a daily basis, you eat just 100 extra calories over

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