Reviewing Portions

We are all aware that the holiday season means somewhere, at some time there will be plenty of food that we are going to eat. Some of us will fully enjoy every bite, only to feel guilty that we did later. Others will avoid it all like the plague, to later feel denied and missing part of the joy the season brings.

In reality, if we could instead think mindfully about balance and portion sizes – we could avoid the guilt and the self-denial while choosing the foods that will make us happiest by simply severing yourself (or eating) an appropriate amount, eating it slowly and savoring every bite.  If you like many of us are trying to maintain your weight over the holidays, read the link below for some tips on how to estimate proper portion sizes. Remember to keep portions in check even when faced with big plates of food – trust me you’ll thank yourself later!

Get Portion Tips Here


If you would like even more information – check out GIFT LESSON Week 3: Portion Control!

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