National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month ®! This time of year we celebrate our health by learning how to make the best food choices and how to improve our physical activity routine. This year’s focus is personalizing your plate. We understand that not all people are alike. Using the advice from our registered dietitians and health educators, we can help you continue to enjoy the foods you love by fine tuning recipes, exploring alternative cooking methods, and spicing up ingredients with healthy flavors and added excitement!

The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County can help you learn more about National Nutrition Month ® and offer ways to either kick start your health and wellness goals or enhance your current success. We offer a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), Diabetes Self-Management Education program (DSME), Blood Pressure Management program (BP for Me), and a general wellness program called Get into Fitness Today (GIFT). All of our programs are at no cost (both online and in person) to those who qualify.



  1. Adults 18 years and older for all programs
  2. Diabetes prevention (DPP): must be overweight (BMI > 24.9), at risk for developing diabetes or has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes by your healthcare provider
  3. Diabetes management (DSME): must be diagnosed with diabetes and have your most recent A1C
  4. Blood pressure management (BP for Me): copy of your most recent blood pressure
  5. Get into Fitness Today (GIFT): no other qualifications than must be over 18 years old

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