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If you are on a journey to lose weight, you probably realize that you need to be more active. Maybe you had a routine, but it got old or it no longer fits into your schedule. Or maybe you just like to switch it up a bit – we do after all have more than one muscle and there are so many ways to be active. With so many choices it can be overwhelming, where do you start, how much is it going to cost, will it fit your schedule? Sometimes all of these options become more like excuses; we pick them apart finding anything that may not work for us. But what if there was a perfect exercise that could be done almost anywhere, at any time and everyone can participate for free? Well this exercise exists, its walking.

See you’re doing it again, you’re already listing all the reasons walking isn’t the perfect exercise. Thankfully, there is an app for that – no, not really, but there is a solution for just about every reason on your list. Because you made the list, you have to figure out the specific solutions that will work for you. However, maybe some of these ideas will help you get started.

  • Too hot, too cold, too rainy to walk – try walking indoors. If you are in a large office building you can walk a path through the building, upstairs, down stairs, make it interesting just keep moving for 10+ minutes.
  • Walking is boring – well make it interesting. Find a fun destination and then walk there and back. Some of you may have to drive a little to get to a safe starting point, so resist the urge to drive all the way to your chosen destination.
  • Walking is too slow – speed it up. No one said walking has to be at a turtle pace. The faster you go, the more calories you burn.
  • Walking is too monotonous – mix it up. Walk a little, jog a little, stop and do a push up; there is no need to just walk.
  • I don’t want people to see me walking – don’t be silly. But if you really do feel this way, did you know there are walking workouts available on DVD and online?
  • My neighborhood isn’t safe – walk someone else’s neighborhood, find a park or trail.
  • Walking hurts my … – listen to your body. But don’t use it as another excuse. Talk to your physician or a physical trainer to figure out what you can do. You may need to start slow. Other times the pain is due to improper technique or equipment.
  • Walking isn’t a good workout – it can be. You’re the one walking, so you can determine what muscles you want to use. While you’re walking engage your abs, stop and add a squat, or bring a stretch band and work your arms.  

As you can see, walking is very versatile allowing you to create the perfect workout for you.  Now, hopefully, the rest of your list of reasons shouldn’t be too difficult to solve. Don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes, some water, your favorite high-energy playlist and maybe a walking buddy – you can choose between the two-legged and four-legged one or take both.

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